GOD EATER 3 Unveils New Character, Aragami and More

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe shed new light on God Eater 3 today with new story and gameplay details for the epic action RPG, the title eventually launching on PS4 and Steam.

We have new character Lulu Baran, an AGE (Adaptive God Eater) and powerful new ally in the fight against the Aragami. Crossing paths with the protagonists in the Ashlands, she overwhelms enemies with her blinding speed, a result of being a test subject of the GOD EATER combat assisting system ‘Acceleration Triggers’ at Port Baran. The Port is one of many new locations in GOD EATER 3, the sprawling new area’s industry and economy flourishing whilst various research facilities work to study the AGEs and Ashlands.

A new monstrous Aragami was also announced, the False Idol. It hovers in the air whilst swapping between two forms that either boost it’s attack or defence. All the while it’s covered by an almost impenetrable shield, it’ll take quite a strategy to coordinate and fully dispatch.

For those unfamiliar with the hyperbolic stylings of the god-quelling epic, think anime enhanced Monster Hunter set in a post-apocalyptic world with just a smidge of Attack on Titan. These Aragami critters descended upon the globe, devouring all our natural resources, driving humanity to the brink of extinction. God Eaters, wielders of the God Arcs, drive the ravenous hordes back to the Ashlands they came from. The game takes a very Monster Hunter approach to missions, hunting or “devouring” certain Aragami whilst switching between short range Blade Mode and long range Gun Mode, deftly swapping into Shield and Burst modes at the right time.

GOD EATER as a series holds an expansive, character driven narrative that’s gathered a cult of loyal fans smitten by it’s deep and engaging combat and rich story, join the horde when the title comes out on PS4 and Steam.


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