PlayStation 5 Might Be Coming In 2019 According to Latest Report

I know what you’re thinking at this point. The PlayStation 4 hasn’t even peaked or hit its prime point yet. I mean, even Sony is celebrating the overall success of their PlayStation lineup with its 500 millionth console edition. But you can always throw punches across the community forums with people about how it might be the perfect time for a new home-console to launch from Sony. Let’s take the number of years, to begin with.

When the PlayStation 3 launched in 2006 in Japan & North America and subsequently in 2007 across the world, gamers didn’t even see the peak point of the PlayStation 3 until the very end of its generation. In 2013, both The Last of Us & Grand Theft Auto V showcased utmost intelligence on the console marking a true high-point send off for the PS3’s cycle. That’s a whopping 7 years of gaming on the PlayStation 3. In that very same year, Sony dropped the PlayStation 4, marking a new entry into a brand new generation dubbed as the “NEXT GENERATION CONSOLE”.

Now if you fast forward into 2018 we’re coming up to the fifth year in its production cycle. As a community stand-point, we’d say that 2019 could be the best time for Sony to announce that a new console is coming. You know, that whole E3 hype-marketing business that looms for all excited gamers. However, DualShockers have reported that analyst Hideki Yasuka who specializes in technology at the Ace Economic Research Institue believes that due to the success of first-party titles and the overwhelming revenue streaming from microtransactions (Fornite, H1Z1) Sony are able to bring out a console far quicker than they would’ve had back around the early 2010’s. In the report, Hideki Yasuka also speaks about the manufacturers that help to architect the building design of Sony’s console that there lie problems with the monolithic ceramic capacitors needed for the number of consoles needed to ship across the world, this could potentially cause Sony problems with its business as the case when the PlayStation 4 first released with shortage stocks across some parts of Europe.

At this stage, Sony can even launch their own handheld console with 5G support and hold its own weight if Fornite became available on it. 2019 could be a great entry point to the untitled PS5 console but you also have to weight up the current demand for the PlayStation 4. Essentially speaking, at this stage, the PS5 could easily be a mirror Xbox One X if people don’t decide to upgrade for it.

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