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Total War : Three Kingdoms will be playable at this year’s Gamescom

At This Year’s Gamescom , attendees will be able to play an exclusive demo for Total War: Three Kingdoms. Total War: Three Kingdoms is the next sequel to the popular franchise made by Creative Assembly. Three Kingdoms is the 12th entry turn-based strategy set in 190CE China near the end of the Han Dynasty.

The demo allows players to engage in a nighttime ambush set by the chancellor Cao Cao of Dong Zhuo who faces imminent defeat by the warlord Sun Jian. So as a last resort, Cao Cao plots a trap against Sun Jian’s Daughter, Sun Ren and her father’s rallying troops as they march to protect her father’s lands. Players will be able to witness this spectacle by controlling Sun Jian’s army as they aimlessly fall into the ambush. It is up to the player’s cunning and wits to react to the ambush and retaliate with their own counter-attack.

Available to Play at Gamescom from August, players will get the chance to fight against waves of enemy soldiers in a desperate struggle for survival. Very detailed visuals bring this misty moon setting of old china to life with floating lanterns reflecting off the landscape from the fields to showing the smoke disperse from burning trees casting tall dynamic shadows as thousands of soldiers bear arms and clash in this nightly battle.

Check out the gameplay for Total War: Three Kingdoms below:

For further details check out the steam page for the game by clicking here.


Total War: Three Kingdoms will be playable at Gamescon at the Deep Silver stand, Hall 9 on August 21st – 25th 2018.

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