Re:Make – Influencer/Creator Feature – August, 2018

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This month, we’re looking at a Surrey/London based pop-culture band with inspirations from video games, films & anime. Re:Make is one of the hottest underground geek-culture bands to play at many conventions across the UK and touring across Europe for their own live shows. With their first ever EP dropping in 2014 and their first studio album in 2016, Re:Make have gone on to land collaborations with A-J Griffiths & the legendary voice actor Quinton Flynn. In 2018, Re:Make & Quntion Flynn both performed live at the London Anime & Gaming Con for their track Hearts Won’t Die” which sounds very ironic considering Flynn’s most notable VO for the Kingdom Hearts series… Right?

Re:Make‘s ensemble consists of a 3 man trio – Jimmy is providing those soothing punk/rock vocals & incredible guitar riffs and solo’s. Edd is running those basslines on the bass guitar & Dan is leading the entire tempo on drums. In their records, you can similarly hear the same sound Re:Make is giving listeners throughout their discography but what makes them so unique is the way their style is emanating from. Their inspirations from all backgrounds of geek/pop-culture create this heavy rock sound that general listeners will capture straight away but it’s also the way their tracks are layered that gives anime fans a similar feeling from Japanese rock records.

Re:Make‘s presence within the UK geek-culture scene is growing with every release and show they put out and I actually got to see them perform semi-live at MCM Comic Con London 2017 performing on RockBand with tracks from 30 Seconds to Mars and Babymetal. The crowd got so involved with the band it was a moment you just had to be there to witness. I’m looking forward to seeing them live actually playing instruments in the future and looking forward to their third studio album and future releases.

Speaking of Quinton Flynn… Okay well, speaking of Kingdom Hearts, Re:Make has covered Simple & Clean and personally, the cover is actually pretty cool, I’m surprised it hasn’t racked up a million views yet?! On top of that, the band has been covering tracks from all kinds of video games to anime where you’re able to stream and purchase directly on their Band Camp page. If you have any suggestions for the band to cover, you can directly get in touch with them over on their social channels on Twitter & Facebook.

You can also stream both their studio albums on Spotify or below via their SoundCloud page.



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