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Marvel’s Spider-Man Explores An Open-World New City In A New Trailer

We were treated yesterday to a new trailer exploring the open world of New York in Spider-Man. The trailer entitled, ‘Just the Facts: Marvel’s New York.’

The trailer re-creates a real living New York with a few additional elements from the Marvel Universe.  This includes Spider-Man swan diving of the Empire State building, to the residence of Doctor Strange –  Sanctum Sanctorum.

The narration is provided by J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker, when Peter calls into a Jameson show called the ‘Just the Facts’.

The trailer highlights more of the combat, the type of enemies Spider-Man will face and the side requests that will available in the game.

We are very excited for Insomniac’s Spider-Man being released which is just a few weeks away on Friday September 7th.


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