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Nintendo Switch Exclusive Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Announced For A Late 2018 Release

Announced today was another collaboration between Microïds and Eden Games in a sequel to their original racing title Gear.Club Unlimited, launched last year on Nintendo Switch. Having dipped their toes in Nintendo’s latest hardware with the original in 2017, the sequel is set to improve upon the first to deliver a far deeper experience, the tandem duo pouring over fan feedback to feed the latest installment.

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 boasts over 1800 miles of virtual tarmac to race across in a plethora of modern cars, developed by leading manufacturers. From BMW to Bentley and beyond players will be treated to a living world of destinations, spanning the gamut of lush coastlines and scorching desert roads to verdant valleys and treacherous mountain peaks, players speeding along the beaten track competing in challenges, missions and championships. Gear.Club Unlimited’s ace in the hole however is it’s garage feature, where players can not only fawn over their ever growing collection, but also customise their mechanics, attributes and tweak their cosmetic appearance, to truly make each vehicle your own. There’s also a club feature, players able to start up and steer their own club’s to victory, hiring the best drivers  to take on rival clubs and snatch the top spot.

Eden Games and Microïds’ Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is pegged to launch at the end of the year with both digital and physical versions.

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