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Diablo III Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year?

Thanks to the premature posting of an online article by business magazine  Forbes, we’re privy to some interesting information on the as of yet unannounced Diablo III port allegedly coming to Nintendo Switch this year. We’ve seen the impossible happen with both Doom and Darksouls somehow alighting on Nintendo’s colourful shores, so to have yet another beloved, gritty epic would be a welcome surprise that’d make a lot of sense.

Blizzard’s action-RPG has made it’s rounds on every home console over the years, bar Nintendo’s, when it was first released in 2012 on the PC. The Nintendo incarnation is apparently dubbed the “Eternal Collection”, set to feature the Rise of the Necromancer and Reaper of Souls expansions as well as everything else that’s since been added, neatly penned at $59.99. On top of this, following Skyrim’s Zelda affiliation, exclusive Nintendo themed content should also be available ranging from a Triforce portrait frame and  Cucco pets to a Ganondorf cosmetic armour and Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings, which we can only assume  at this point is a nod to Majora’s face doohickey.

Much like everything else on the system it can be played docked or on-the-go, with up to 4 players able to play on one system as well as on 4 separate systems wirelessly. Players can also play online together through Nintendo’s paid subscription service launching in September, which supports online cloud save data.

Whilst it feels like Nintendo’s library is being ruthlessly inflated by ports, many Nintendo fans who may never have migrated to other consoles are getting their first taste of these titles, years after their original launch in a portable way. It’s exciting to have so many acclaimed titles flood the system as we wait for more of Nintendo’s own IP, but for now players could well be playing Blizzard’s acclaimed multiplayer RPG romp sometime this year.


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