Preview : My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18

My Hero Academia revolves around our main character Izuku Midoriya as he overcomes the obstacles as a student of a hero academy whilst he masters his new found power that was past down by the symbol of peace, All Might. Midoriya’s instincts to react and fight for his comrades is what lands him into the limelight of every villain who dares to take on the prodigy of All Might.

Our fellow U.A Students are still currently in their first test trying to tag out the remaining students in order to pass their provisional test. This in turn caused the U.A students to split up as every student from the opposing schoolS target U.A Class A Students.

So far Bakugo ,Kirishima and Denki are confronted by a mysterious foe who seems to throw pieces of his own flesh at his opponents in order to immobilise them. It’s up to the trio to tread carefully and outmanoeuvre their foe in order to pass. Whilst Midoriya, Uraraka and Sero luckily team up whilst evading all the other students who are targetting U.A students. Can they fight off the ambush and pass the provisionals?

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