Preview : Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 4 “Trust”

Four episodes into season 3 and when the scouts aren’t busy hunting down Titans, they got their own problems to sort out. Right now the government and the king are after their heads, as the scouts may hold the ugly truth that the government are trying to withhold from the people in order to secure peace within the walls. The new episode is appropriately titled “Trust”, in this inflicting war, who can truly trust?

Since the last episode, Erwin has been arrested by the Military police due to a false accusation that the scouts were responsible for the murder of Dimo Reeves. However only his son, Flegel Reeves holds the truth behind his father’s murder, but where is Flegel?

This is occurring while the remaining scouts hide outside the walls, it’s up to Levi and Hange to extract what the Military Police are up to by torturing the captive Military Police who were behind the murder of Pastor Nick. Will they be able to find out where Historia and Eren were kidnapped? Or Will they be able to rescue Erwin on time?

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