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‪New Team Sonic Racing Spotlight Video highlights The Team Play Mechanics ‬

Today SEGA released a first video to a mini series for Team Sonic Racing. It will be a spotlight series that takes a deep look in to the game. The first video showcases the gameplay mechanics and highlights some key gameplay elements.

  • Skimboost can be used to speed past struggling teammates to get them back in a race. It can be helpful in order to win a race.
  • Slingshot can be used to for an extra boost if you draft behind a teammate’s slipstream. It can be a vital move to gain distance from your opponent.
  • Item box transfers can be helpful to yourself or any teammate. You can send and receive wisp with any teammate on the track.
  • Team Ultimate will give your team a massive team boost if your ultimate meter is full

Here’s the first spotlight video of the gameplay mechanics

Team Sonic Racing will launch this winter on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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