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Preview : Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 3 “Old Story”

Attack on Titan comes back this year with season 3, only three episodes in, the show doesn’t slowly pick up the pace but instead fills each episode with more content and hype to get you excited enough for the next episode to be released. The new episode 3 from season three is named “Old Story”.

The most anticipated action anime to come out in the last couple of years , Attack on the Titan focuses on the story of Eren Jaeger as he journeys to become a part of the Scout Regiment who are responsible for the hunting of giant cannibalistic Titans as they try to attack and breach the 100-year-old walls that hold the last of humanity within. It’s up to Erin to master his dormant Titan transformation power to fight for humanity’s last hope for survival.

The fresh new episode out of season 3 picks up after the events of season 2. so far it is focused on the Scout Regiments last efforts as they struggle to survive while being unfairly prosecuted by the king, so its up to them to conjure up a plan to retrieve the missing Erin and Historia as they delve into the mystery that the king is hiding in order to prove their innocents. It seems like titans are the last of their worries, now that they have targets on their heads made by humans themselves.

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