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New Details On Xbox One Exclusive JRPG Yomi Wo Saku Hana

Details are emerging for the first exclusive Xbox One JRPG during a live stream by the producers.

What we know so far:

Yomi wo Saku Hana is a RPG set in a fictional Toyko between the 1970s and the end the 1980s.  Toyko is seen as corrupt and dark fantasy world. In Eastern Tokyo in a city called Musashino appears a huge dungeon known as the “The Labyrinth Structure”. If you have played games like Operation Abyss: New Tokyko Legacy, Generation Xth or Cross Blood Labyrinth will find this very familiar. The huge dungeon is inhabited by monsters and is kept top secret by the government by threaten and even fabricated people memories.


People from all ages, gender and occupational statuses will join the adventure with the main characters coming from a company called EXP. EXP even though being small, underfunded company will through various means be able to find the best talent that is out there.

A look at the monster found within the game:


Here is an early look at the labyrinth that awaits:


The title has a Spring 2019 release date.


Hajime Chikami, states, “while I don’t know about the possibility of releasing the game on platforms other than Xbox One at the moment, we will release another title with the same systems since we were originally making a separate title with the same world at the same time with the Playstation 4 in mind as a possible platform.”


The source of the information came from gamestalt


This is a teaser trailer from 2016 about the game:

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