New Details On Strange Brigade Season Pass

As it is only a few weeks until Rebellion releases their new 4 player co-op third person perspective Strange Brigade so it is the perfect time to mention the Season Pass which is sold separately or part of the Digital Deluxe Edition.
The Strange Brigade Season Pass gives you access to ALL of the game’s DLC packs

Releasing in stages after launch, you’ll receive a three-part campaign, 5 intriguing new characters with unique amulets, brand new weapons and items, plus dashing outfits for the original four members of the brigade!

Highlights from the Season Pass include:



A tremendous new three-part campaign that takes the Strange Brigade from the exotic but cursed ISLE OF THE DEAD, to the cavernous SUNKEN KINGDOM, then finally on to the explosive finale in the ancient PYRAMID OF BES!



More magnificent members of the Strange Brigade will be joining the fight, including:

TESSIE CALDWELL – Rebel of the skies!

PATRICK ‘BASH’ CONAGHAN – A gold-hunting daredevil

ANJALI KHAN – Vengeful demon hunter!

All of these, plus two more characters will be playable in all game modes!



NEW WEAPONS + ITEMS: Equip your character with new Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, as well as inventive items such as Ice and Cluster Grenades!

NEW AMULETS: Each DLC character comes with a new Amulet, containing a brand new power to be unleashed on your enemies!

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