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Persona Q2: Cinema Labyrinth Trailer and Japanese Release Date

Teased a whole year ago with nothing but a domain name and a chibified Phantom Thieves logo, Persona Q2 is finally descending upon Japan November 29th, with a western release yet to be confirmed. Revealed on Saturday, Q2 is sizing up to be huge, corralling the cast of P3, P4 and P5 into one title alongside the much loved, completely non-canon, female protagonist from PSP exclusive Persona 3 Portable. She’s finally home.

In the trailer we see casts collide, Persona 5’s Kamoshida make a cameo alongside a DLC reveal, tracks and battle music available from the original three games. If the original Persona Q is anything to go by, we could see new personas and navigators coming soon too, but for now we wait for word of a western release and pray Aketchi’s pancake lust be addressed in game.

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