Devil May Cry 5 Will Have An Emotional Story According To Hideaki Itsuno

Since Devil May Cry 5 was revealed during the Xbox E3 press briefing, it was well received by the fans. The trailer was action packed with a great theme song. The game is setting up to become an emotional rollercoaster ride according to the game’s director Hideaki Itsuno.

In an interview with Dengeki Online and translated by Sesha from ResetEra, Itsuno confirmed that the game was under development “one year” before Devil May Cry 4: Special Editon was released, which makes it four years in total. He also mentioned that the enemies in Devil May Cry 5 are demons, A third force (I.e. Heaven) won’t appear. This once again confirms what Itsuno said previously that only the human and demon worlds exist in the Devil May Cry universe.

Itsuno also mentioned that Capcom’s in-house RE Engine has turned into a specialized engine for creating action games.

Devil May Cry 5 will mainly focus on Nero but Dante and V still have a “major role”. Itsuno also hopes that the story will make the player get emotional and cry during the game. It seems like a tough decision will be made when it comes to the direction of the story.

Devil May Cry 5 will launch in early 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Source: Dengeki Online

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