My Time at Portia – Starlight Island Update

My Life at Portia, a new life sim where you renovate your ol’ Pa’s workshop whilst living in a quirky, post-apocalyptic world, has just released a new update for early access Steam players.

Among these updates is a new attraction. Once players have felled the Rat Prince of Amber Island, the Mayor will assist you in transforming it into a Haunted Cave, whilst a new building project is also available, the Factory. Listening to fan feedback, Pathea Games is improving the crafting mechanic by allowing players an option to automate the process, piling in raw materials to create semi-manufactured goods, to later craft finalised products. Unlocked after clearing the harbour mission, the factory promises to speed up the crafting process for players beyond what they were formerly capable of in their own backyard.

The third and latest holiday to be added to the in-game calendar is The Day of Memories, taking place on the 27th of Summer each year. Taking place in the evening, 9pm to be exact, players are set to compete against villagers in a hunt for elusive Ghost Badges against the clock, whoever claims the most wins. These can then be traded in for exclusive items available at the Badge Exchange in the Commerce Guild.

A cosmetic overhaul comes in the form of accessories, now visible on your character. Instead of just being mild stat boosts, they’re another way to customise your industrious little Portian! Item management also receives an update, no longer scattered amongst a multitude of wooden boxes, all of them now unified in one system- you’ll never lose an iron bar again!

Updates, tweaks and patches are constantly being added to My Life at Portia on Steam, the full game eventually launching on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One sometime soon.

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