Adventure Pack For Ni No Kuni 2 Dated For August

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe revealed the detail of their upcoming Adventure Pack today.

The first DLC will be free to download and will be released on Thursday 9th August. It adds additional new floors to the Faraway Forest, upon clearing new costumes will be awarded to Evan and other characters. It will also feature two new even harder boss fights – Blackhart and Zeta.

The second DLC is coming Winter 2018 based in a new and exciting puzzling dungeon. Users will face difficult challenges and even more powerful enemies, but will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts!

The third DLC is planned for early next year. It will have a whole new story expansion. Further details will soon be available.

For those who have not played Ni No Kuni II it is available on PS4 and PC. It is currently on sale on the Summer Sale for only £29.99


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