Destiny 2 – Get Ready for the Solstice of Heroes Event

If you’re a day one player, you’ve probably sold your copy of Destiny 2. You’ve probably even forgotten the game exists. You’ve even decided that Anthem is going to destroy Destiny in all its undermined hateful-glory. But what you haven’t heard is that Destiny 2‘s current state is now a great time to jump back in. With the introduction of Update 1.2.3 and the Solstice of Heroes event just around the corner. Pick up your controller (or your mouse/keyboard if you’re a PC player) and log in.

Solstice of Heroes’ update is going to be dropping on Tuesday with various different ways to play as a Guardian. If you want to know more about the event, read our article on the event that’s about to kick off on Tuesday.

The only way to get ready for the Solstice of Heroes event is to just enjoy the many new things that Destiny 2 has incorporated. Chase after the Whisper of the Worm Exotic sniper rifle that’s being heralded as the Black Spindle, complete the 3 Raid Lairs and the addition 3 Prestige version for bonus 400 Light Level/Power weapons, Chase after the coveted Valor rank for bonus loot from Lord Shaxx or go and complete those expansions you might not have completed yet. Curse of Osiris has Paradox weapons to chase and a non-secret Saint-14 mission to learn about his fate. Warmind expands on public events with Escalation Protocol. You’ll be sucked into LFG/random Guardians fighting alongside potentially 8 other Guardians as you defeat Tier 1 -7 bosses to earn that amazing Ikellos Shotgun.

Solstice of Heroes is going to be a celebration of all the things you’ve done in Year One. So if you’ve only played the campaign, no worries. Solstice of Heroes is going to bump you right up to 400 with a progression system that works your armor up to 400.

As Forsaken looms around the corner as well, Bungie has also revealed a new Roadmap with the pre-launch update changing the way we see the game. Weapon slot changes will go into effect where potentially you could be loading out with all three shotguns. Milestones & challenges will undergo updates. Bungie’s vision of Milestones will be reflected on two resets per week. This will give players a more continuous way to move their level up without reaching the End-game quickly. This is also in line with how hard getting to max Light is now with the Warmind drop. Director updates will go into place with the Reef’s Tangled Shore being added as well as the Dreaming City. Strikes will now be able to select on the map! Highly anticipated bulk shader and additional vault space will be coming into update 2.0.0. And this is available to all players, regardless if you purchase Forsaken or not.


Eyes Up, Guardian.


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