Sony London Studios’ PSVR Exclusive Blood & Truth Can Give VR Gaming The Push It Needs

The one game we’ve been following that doesn’t often get a deserving mention is Blood & Truth. Since it was revealed at Paris Games Week 2017, we’ve been eagarly awaiting its release. From what we’ve seen, the game has the potential to be a PSVR seller. The Senior producer at London Studio, James Oates said that the game will be a ‘full length triple A title’. The London Heist, which released in 2016 as a featured demo for PlayStation VR Worlds gave us a glimpse on what’s possible when it comes to producing VR titles.

Blood & Truth would remind you of an East London cockney Gangster flick, and that was its intension. Blood & Truth has taken on the traits of the London Heist and the iconic PS2 classic, The Gateaway. Story telling will be a huge part of the game and it will feature some over the top action sequences along with some epic set pieces. The PlayStation Move controller will be used to shoot, move, climb and solve puzzles. You will be given the ability to lock pick, plant bombs and interrogate your enemies.

Players will be given a choice in certain parts of the game so there’s no telling what can happen. Having grime music is something that will give the game its identity. There’s certain parts of the gameplay that gave me that James Bond vibe. The game will allow you to interact with certain objects and cause explosions.

If there is a VR title that can gain mass market appeal then Blood & Truth could possibly be that game, if the final product delivers. Its great to know that London studio is working on a game besides singstar, and we’re hopeful that this can lead to bigger things for the studio in the near future.


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    The Brah
    Saturday, July 21, 2018

    The demo I played at E3 was not that impressive…

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