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Rise Of The Republic New DLC For Total War: ROME II Release Date Set

Total War: ROME II is getting a special DLC called Rise Of Republic along with the Ancestral Update which brings the long-awaited fan favourite Family Tree system.

Carve your name in the history books yet again with this new epic gritty prequel to ROME II. Fight in order to build the foundations for what the republic is well known for. ROME II Takes place in 399 BC during the second founding of Rome. Witness the true growth of the Roman Empire in this brand new campaign that has you face off against the challenges that made Rome so great.

Rise of Republic’s new campaign map depicts a very detailed landscape of Italy and its neighbouring countries. The campaign also introduces 9 new factions to join including Rome, the city-state of Syracuse, and the tribe of Senones , and many more. The new DLC also offers a new government actions feature that rewards you with exclusive bonuses for your chosen faction while engaging in realistic region dilemmas that are taken from the history books.

Check out the trailer for Rise Of Republic below:

Along with the Rise of the Republic DLC launching, the Ancestral Update delivers a brand new family tree to all ROME II campaigns. The new family tree displays your family and nobles and allows you to interact with each character to forge bonds and alliances with other factions. Truly take control and shape your historical family tree in your own way.

Rise of the Republic will launch on 9th August. Pre-order the game before its release on Steam to gain 10% off the DLC.

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