Life is Strange Is Now Available to Download on Android

Episodic based games garner attention through console platforms and PC, however, a lot of people don’t have access to controller-based consoles or are fortunate enough to own a PC/Laptop that could run the title. These Episodic games attract more people to its game because of the impact the story has on individuals when reading, hearing or watching influencers play the game. You’d probably want to join in on that social feeling of playing a game that everyone’s talking about and today Square Enix has dropped Life is Strange on to the Play Store for virtually anyone with a smartphone to download and play the title wherever they are.

Life is Strange first released in January 2015 from Dontnod Entertainment. Dontnod is well known for their Remember Me title released back in 2013 and I would’ve never guessed the developer to tackle social insecurities in a game after Remember Me. It worked and they won several game awards and accolades for their title.

The first episode is completely free to download on your phone while episode two will set you back a current price of $0.99 / £0.99 / €1.09 respectively of where you’re currently at. Episodes 3-5 can be picked up from the Play Store at $4.99 / £4.99 / €5.49 per episode.

In Life is Strange, you’ll be in the shoes of Max Caulfield using time travel to fix her mistakes… Or make new ones. Chloe Price, her best friend is obsessed with finding out what happened to Rachel Amber, a student at Blackwell Academy who went missing unexpectedly. Life is Strange‘s android version includes high-quality production values and a unique hand-drawn art style giving players a new way to play with full touchscreen support, photo mode and social media shareability.

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