Destiny 2 – Solstice of Heroes Event Revives Game’s Foundation

Remember that sequel that dropped in September 2017 with incredible excitement to continue the foundation built over 3 years by various different development teams? Destiny 2 never really propelled to where Destiny was during its launch. Missing so much content from day one meant that players had to give their feedback to Bungie and explain that they’d rather go back to Destiny where there actually was content. Bungie listened and continuously hacked away at the title and I think, we’re finally at a stage where we can say: This is Destiny. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

July’s update brought fine tuning to the way players are engaging in PvE and PvP content. Bounties have been added to further give players a chance to grind activities and gain armour, weapons and cosmetic items. Highly anticipated exotic masterworks for Sleeper Simulant, Legend of Acrius, Telesto is currently being dropped in the Prestige raids while there are higher chances to earn other exotic masterworks in strikes. Escalation Protocol has been fine-tuned to give players more chances to earn that beautiful Ikellos Shotgun – more commonly known as the EP Shotgun – while the Crucible has been touched up with nostalgia, making the 6v6 playlist permanent.

Speaking of Prestige raids, this week Bungie released the Prestige versions for Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars. I was able to complete both these activities with my clan and it truly gave us a challenge of how we operate in the raids, rather than going in guns blazing and wreaking havoc. The release week window has two modifiers, one is permanent and the other rotates every week with different elements of gameplay. Parallel to the Nightfall, your loadout becomes restricted from change once you load into the activity. Also, you have to load in with a specific loadout that Bungie has provided on the screen. We went into both raids this week having to equip a Pulse Rifle as a primary, SMG (Sub Machine Gun) as a secondary/element weapon & Grenade Launcher as your heavy/power weapon.

As well as buffing the way enemies work, shooting extremely fast and hard, the encounters stay the same but you only get 3 revive tokens. This was an interesting way of working more as a team and doing your own individual job that you’re required to do. After completing the Spire of Stars Prestige Lair Raid, you unlock all ornaments for the armour – given that you complete challenges during Season three in the original Leviathan raid.

My Guardian after completing the Eater of Worlds & Spire of Stars Prestige Raid with 390 Max Power Level

On July 31st, Bungie will be releasing the summer live event Solstice of Heroes where Guardians can replay original Destiny 2 missions using their current loadout with new bosses and challenges. New armour to earn, new weapons and cosmetics. Making you grind for 400 (max) armour is certainly pleasing players as they’re asking for more to do in the game. Completing your Moments of Triumph gives you rewards including your own personal IRL t-shirt. It’s an interesting time to play Destiny 2, and if you haven’t played the game since release month, I urge you to go back into the game, there’s a lot for you to do ahead of the Solstice of Heroes event.

Check out Bungie’s official post for the Solstice of Heroes event for more information about the event and track your Moments of Triumph completions.

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