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Nathan Fillion Becomes Nathan Drake In A Fanmade Uncharted Movie

Today saw the launch on IGN a trailer for the fanmade movie for Naughy Dog’s Uncharted starting Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake and directed by Gridlocked director Allan Ungar.

The entire movie will be made available for free to watch on YouTube. The movie follows the adventure of Nathan Drake to find the lost treasure of the boat Flor de lar Mar which sank in November 1511 carrying lot gained from the conquest of Malacca by the Portuguese.

Speaking to IGN, Nathan Fillion said,

“Here’s this incredible property, it’s out there, and no one has done anything with it yet. Brilliant characters, gripping stories, tailor-made for me.” Uncharted film director Allan Ungar said, “I’ve been a huge fan of this franchise since it started back in 2007. I was still in school and remember thinking that it was going to change both the gaming landscape and the way we experience immersive storytelling. While the set pieces were always incredibly fun and inventive, it was the importance of character and story that really hooked me. You were able to put yourself in the shoes of someone that embodied everything we love about heroes, including their flaws. Over the years I always felt that if it was ever adapted into a film or series, there was only one guy out there that could play the part. Turns out I wasn’t the only one.”

The movie also starts Stephen Lang from Avatar as Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Mircea Monroe as Elena Fisher, and Geno Segers of Banshee fame as the villain. Allan Ungar directed the 15 minute film, which has no affiliation with Sony or Naughty Dog.

IGN reported, Nathan Fillion and Allan Ungar will appear on IGN’s San Diego Comic-Con live stream this Thursday, July 19, to discuss their fan film at length.

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