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Xbox One Is Getting Dolby Vision Support

Microsoft is getting ready to add Dolby Vision support to Xbox One S and the Xbox One X console. Microsoft is testing out its Dolby Vision support with Xbox Insiders as we speak, and it is currently limited to streaming apps with Netflix being the one first apps to be updated with Dolby Vision.

Using Dolby Vision the Xbox S/X has the potential to improve the consumers’ viewing experience by constantly optimising the way their TVs deliver HDR pictures. It also gives content producers more control over how their HDR programming appears on TVs. The most significant improvement of Dolby Vision HDR over HDR10 is the addition of dynamic metadata to the HDR image data. The metadata carries scene-by-scene instructions that a Dolby Vision-capable display can use to make sure it portrays the content as accurately as possible. Compared to HDR10 content, where the TV only receives static metadata, relatively global information on the content being shown for the entire film or TV show. Dolby Vision adjusts the brightness and colour of each scenes with metadata, and supports up to a 12-bit colour depth and higher peak brightness targets than HDR10.

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