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Digital Extremes Reveal Their Biggest Expansion For Warframe And Flips The Switch

At Tenno-Con’s third annual event, DE (Digital Extremes Studios) announced a new expansion for Warframe, the studio also announced that Warframe is coming to the Switch!

Warframe coming onto the Nintendo Switch

Kicking it off in honour of their growing Warframe community of 38 million registered players, DE tagged up with Panic Button (developers behind the switch versions of Wolfenstein, DOOM, Rocket League etc.) to make the dream of Warframe coming onto Switch become a reality.

Warframe is a visually stunning third-person action-adventure shooter from Digital Extreme, who are responsible for working on amazing titles such as the Darkness 2, Bioshock 2 and Dark Sector, they dropped Warframe as a free to play massive multiplayer game where the players took control of the mysterious alien species known as Tenno. As they master and customize their own Warframe armor to become the strongest warframe out of 35 unique classes to choose from, along with hundreds of weapons to discover, including pistols, assault rifles to alien-like samurai swords and crossbows. Every warframe has their own special abilities to master, offering every individual player a new way to play the game. Players can join up with friends to play through campaign missions on various exotic planets to upgrade their own spaceships and warframe suit, or clan up and battle against other player’s warframe to test whose is the strongest.

New Expansion Fortuna and Codename: RailJack

Next up, DE graced with not just one, but two major expansions to the Warframe Universe in the form of Fortuna and Codename: Railjack.

The new world of Fortuna offers many resemblances and a color palette of planets like Venus. Fortuna offers players a new underground colony to discover along with a new faction and lore, The Solaris United Faction and their rebellion against the Corpus Overlords. The new key features of Fortuna are:

  • The Orb Vallis, the new open world: Building on the success of the plains of Eidolon that was visually beautiful along with warframes major update on the gameplay about a year ago, the planets consist of alien rock geometry covered in clouds of blue and orange populated with ocean like flora, giant mushrooms and rare creatures.
  • Solaris United Faction: The new cyborg faction resides in the Blade Runner-esque colony of fortuna , an underground hub that serves as a factory filtering rivers and a trading port between regions.
  • New Combat : The evil corpus occupiers offer new technology and warriors to bear, along with spider bots enemies that serve as a new challenge for those who dare to travel the tough terrains of the Orb of Vallis.
  • Hoverboard Joyrides: Kick back and surf across the Venusian landscapes along your hover boards and enjoy the view.
  • Conservation Movement: Got a soft spot for wild animals? Well trade in your killing aliens and instead help protect the endangered beautiful creatures of Fortuna. Gain new abilities so you can track and lure creatures in order to capture and preserve them.
  • Musically: The sound engineers of Digital Extremes really worked hard to offer new alien like ominous and eerie sound effects to bring this world to life.

Along with the future update of Fortuna, the studio had a bigger vision that would further expand the world in the form of Codename: Railjack.

Railjack offers up to 4 players to board a ship and go into space to explore and fight. Teamwork is vital, as players coordinate responsibilities in this new PvE mode (Player versus Environment). RailJack also introduces Archwing Attack: this new mode makes treasure planet look like cannon fodder, now players can board their arch wings and invade enemy ships, sabotage weapons, and face off against enemy soldiers to be victorious.

Wait there’s more…..

DE also announced two new warframes , first is codename “Revenant” which is the Eidolon themed warframe. Next is the “Garuda”, a vicious and gory warframe.

They also hinted at some future projects in the form of their new cinematic story mode.

In partnership with their community-driven TennoGen, where players can create and design their own cosmetics for their warframes, these are now implemented in the market.

As part of Amazon Prime Day on 12th July, Twitch Prime Members can get hold of exclusive loot of skins and colours picker.

To celebrate such a successful ride for DE and its growing community of fans playing Warframe, DE donated $200,000 to Canada Learning Code, which teaches digital skills to men and women with disabilities.

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