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Black Clover: Quartet Knights Recieves A New Trailer Showcasing Mars, Beta Coming Soon

Bandai Namco Entertainment have shared a new trailer of their upcoming 4v4 arena brawler Black Clover: Quartet Knights, the trailer shows Mars  demonstrating his crystal magic.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights will allow players to use magical elemental attacks such as wind, water, or lightning to defeat their enemies. Each character is categorised in to 4 unique classes; Fighter, Healer, Support and Shooter. You can use their strengths in a strategic 4v4 battle.

Here’s a new trailer of Mars showcasing his crystal magic.

A Closed Beta for Black Clover: Quartet Knights will be Playable on July 15th-16th. The cut off point for signing up for the beta was July 2nd.

The closed beta will allow players to test Black Clover: Quartet during four sessions. Time schedule is below:

Session 1 July 15 from 10:00 to 13:00 BST

Session 2 – July 15 from 18:00 to 21:00 BST

Session 3 – July 16 from 02:00 to 05:00 BST

Session 4 – July 16 from 21:00 to 00:00 BST

Black Clover: Quartet Knights will be available on September 13th In Japan, while in Europe and North America, the game will launch on September 14th 2018 on PS4 and PC. You can pre-order the game here.


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