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Darksiders III Release Date Confirmed – Two Collector’s Editions Announced

Update: As reported by IGN in their IGN First program, THQ nordic confirmed Darksiders III‘s release date for November 27th 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 & PC – a day after what was initially scoped and leaked to be.

Two different collector editions were also unveiled – the standard collector’s edition which embodies a copy of the game, an 11-inch tall fury figurine of the game, a premium box, a steelbook, an artbook, soundtrack & exclusive armour DLC. The more expensive one – titled The Apocalypse Edition – includes everything from the normal collector’s edition but includes a 30×40 wall scroll hanger, a 2-inch heavyweight amulet w/ necklace and four figures.

Details of these editions can be found on the official Darksiders III page.

Original: A slip up from the Microsoft Store has potentially revealed the launch date of the third Darksiders title- November 26th.

After a shock announcement early May last year, we knew a third installment of the Darksiders series was in the works. Developed by Gunfire Games, founded by key devs from the now collapsed Vigil Games that originally developed the titles, the future of the series rests in safe hands. A future we’ll apparently get to experience in a mere few months.

The post-apocalyptic, devil-ridden action games focus on the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Where War and Death have previously failed in their missions, their sister Fury seeks to redeem their mistakes, tracking down the escaped sins of hell whip in hand. The leak revealed two DLC packs as well as a special edition that seems to be entitled the “Blades & Whips Edition”, what exactly this entails we’ve yet to know. With the passing of E3 revealing nothing of the title, it would make sense for yet another surprise announcement to drop soon, officially detailing the leaked information. But for now, the news of Fury’s swift approach is enough to keep us excited.

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