Rumour: BloodBorne 2, Sunset Overdrive 2 And A New Splinter Cell Leaked by Amazon Italy

Amazon Italy have a track record of leaking games ahead of it’s official announcement. The latest are some of the most exciting ones we’ve seen, spotted by members of the Resetera Forums, Amazon Italy have once again pulled the trigger by adding pages of unannounce games to early, Titles such as Bloodborne II and Sunset Overdrive 2 were the main two.

Both Bloodborne 2 and Sunset Overdrive 2 have placeholder dates on Amazon Italy for December 31st, 2019, it seems like both titles may be aiming for a Fall 2019 release if the games exist. Bloodborne II is listed for PS4 while Sunset Overdrive 2 is listed for Xbox one. Both titles have been requested heavily by fans so hopefully we can see both games make it as they deserve sequels.

A new Spintercell was also another game leaked on Amazon Italy, Walmart Canada also leaked Spintercell weeks before E3 but surprisingly, Ubisoft didn’t reveal the game at E3.

Since Gamescom is just around the corner, we can potentially see announcements for all three games. Sony have teased a possible gamescom appearance on twitter when they tweeted this to PlayStation Deutschland.

Since Germany host Gamescom, we can only guess that they’re teasing a possible announcement. Both Sony and Microsoft haven’t officially confirmed a Gamescom press conference but we’ll find out more in the weeks ahead.


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