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Bleach Blends Into Jump Force- Ichigo Kurosaki Playable

Bleach’s Hollow hunting Ichigo Kurosaki is set to join the upcoming brawler Jump Force, joining an already stellar cast of anime and manga’s finest.  Doning his “Thousand Year Blood War” arc appearance, Ichigo will be playable alongside fellow Shinigami Rukia and Aizen with a new stage- Hong Kong.

Developed by Spike Chunsoft, the geniuses behind the Danganronpa series, Jump Force sets to bring a parade of characters to life in crisp, glistening HD through the power of Unreal Engine. A fitting 50th anniversary celebration for Shōnen Jump. Boasting 3 on 3 battles pitting the likes of Naruto against Freiza, Zorro against Sasuke and more, the system allows for insane cross-franchise combos as you wrestle for victory betwixt Kamehameha and Sharingan.


Jump Force is set for release in 2019 across PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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