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The Future of the Xbox One X Looks Incredible

Gamers across the globe are always discussing ways of playing video games. In retrospect, gamers are always debating on how you should play video games. As we continuously find new ways to marvel technology into the development of video games, the inception of new consoles, graphics cards and processors will always generate the most buzz when it comes to how we should play video games.

We’re living in a golden age of video games where the latest generation of consoles – how could we forget the PC – are able to transport us to rich and vibrant worlds and storytellers love the ability to draw you into the fray. In 2016, Xbox announced a brand new technological advancement that would allow gamers to see four times more clarity than we already do on the small screen.

They were bold and brave to scope out a new console that would push to bring games closer to that 60 frame rate per second every player is craving. Shipping it to consumers in 2017, Xbox had a plan, a vision and their own story to draw gamers into the Xbox family. And why not? Quite frankly, right now, the Xbox One X is looking to set ablaze.

At E3 2018 they announced 50 games for the box. 18 of those titles were exclusives to the Xbox One X, well factoring that some titles have timed-exclusivity. If you take 18 games and put it on the Xbox One X, that’s 18 games on your shelve. A majority of these titles are 4K ready and include HDR. 4K and HDR are game-changers when it comes to the precision of graphics display.

Phil Spencer’s passion for his dedication to the Xbox One X is a no-brainer when it comes to involving all-kinds of video gamers in every possible genre. His input into bringing more Japanese titles to Xbox’s E3 Media Briefing is not only telling the west that the X is a game-changer, he’s screaming at the East that Xbox can be the home of Japanese games alongside Sony’s PlayStation lineup.

This year is making an impact on hardcore gamers. General consumers are also questioning which console to buy. Choosing between the holy trinity in premium gaming; the PlayStation 4/Pro, the Xbox One X/S & the almighty PC is a difficult choice for anybody. It requires dedicated research, dozens of YouTube videos comparing endless features and ultimately deciding, what device will you be playing 100 hours of the new Elder Scrolls VI? As far as the console wars are going and despite the numbers games (popularity & sales) between each device, you can’t deny that the Xbox One X is making a statement this year. It’s about allowing all-kinds of gamers – the Xbox Adaptive Controller is the best thing that’s happened this year – to play alongside their friends.

Xbox Games Pass. If you pay for the price of one game, you’re getting access to Xbox One’s 2018 & 2019 lineup of games such as Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3 & Gears 5 – all coming soon to the Xbox Games Pass. And if you can’t wait until driving across Britain or slaughtering across the galaxy, you have access to 116 Xbox One Games, 30 backward compatibles from the Xbox 360 line-up and 56 from the Xbox Live Arcade lineup.

Cross-play. Minecraft. Fornite. Rocket League. All compatible between the Xbox One family and the Nintendo Switch. All wrapped up nicely with Xbox’s Play Anywhere program switching games between the Xbox One X and PC. Need I say more?

Microsoft & Razer, combined. Microsoft and Razer are working together to bring a new line-up of keyboards and mouses to adapt and exert the way people play video games on the console. If all goes well, Xbox will have stuck true to their word of building the Xbox One X to be the mirror-image of an entry-level PC.

Aquisition. Xbox has pledged itself to finance and helping developers create more games for the Xbox One X with the recent announcements of bringing development teams such as Ninja Theory, PlayGround Games, Undead Labs & Compulsion Games to the ever-growing list of first-party studios. Expect the unexpected within the next few years.

All this and Phil Spencer still had the urge to announce that a new console is currently being developed? Hold onto your hats because the next half of 2018 and 2019 is looking to be extremely promising for the Xbox One X. We can’t wait to experience games such as Kingdom Hearts 3 in 4K and Devil May Cry 5 in rich HDR on the console. It’s going to be absolutely nuts.


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