Nioh 2 – Everthing we know so far

E3 2018 was full of Surprising announcements and Nioh 2 was the biggest surprise of them all. Since the first Nioh was released in 2017, no one was expecting the next instalment of the franchise to be announced a year later.

koei Techmo revealed Nioh 2 during Sony’s E3 media showcase and it was one of my favourite announcements of the show. We gathered some information on Nioh 2 and what there is to know about the upcoming sequel.

Nioh 2 will follow the same footsteps of the original Nioh, but will expand and improve in many areas; making the overall game better in many espects. The game will introduce new features that fans have requested since the original game. Team Ninja have been listening to fan feedback since the release of the original Nioh and will add some of the most wanted features in the sequel. One of the most requested features is character creation.

Nioh 2 will give players the freedom to customize their own character, that includes options to customize their gender, race and overall appearance, in the original game you were only able to play as William, a character that had so little dialogue but such a strong presence, Nioh 2 will give you a variety of choices.

Team Ninja have also confirmed that the story will also be connected to the original Nioh, just like the first game, Nioh 2 will also receive a Beta/Demo so players can experience the game before launch. Team Ninja will also pay close attention to the feedback given on the trial and add anything that’s necessary in the final build of the game.

Team Ninja have also confirmed that they’re looking to add other features such as having more satisfying deaths, this can only mean that you can die in many variations, maybe more traps or surprise attacks out of nowhere that could lead to instant “satisfying deaths”.

Nioh 2 is looking to be a promising sequel to my personal game of the year of 2017, Team Ninja will add many features and improvements to the combat. The game will maintain it’s core essence when it comes to difficulty and character development and we can only see what the future holds for this franchise.

Koei Techmo haven’t given any release date of the game, So far the game is only confirmed for PS4 since it was revealed on Sony’s E3 stage, details on whether or not it’s releasing on other platforms is also unknown at this time. The original title was published by Sony  Interactive Entertainment in the west and was a PS4 console exclusive, Koei Techmo published the PC version many months later. I’ll like to see this game released on many platforms as possible so it can reach a wider audience, players all round deserve to  experience the greatness of Nioh.


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