SEGA reveal the Memoirs Of Battle Premium Edition for Valkyria Chronicles 4

Sega seem to be on a roll lately, with the new Sonic Racing game, Shenmue HD collection and Yakuza 3,4, and 5 Remasters just recently announced, It doesn’t look like Sega are gonna take their foot off the gas anytime soon.

Today Sega have revealed the memories from battle premium edition for Valkyria Chronicles 4, the beautifully designed package includes the game itself, a flashy vinyl statue of the Hafen Tank, a 100 page artbook that’s inspired by Claude’s Travel Journal from in-game and 4 exclusive story missions featuring 6 squad members, you’ll get to unlock those squad members and an extra weapon that you can use in the main story by completing the DLC missions.

Sega have also released a new trailer showing some gameplay and the main characters. Valkyria Chonicles 4 will be available on PS4, xbox one, Switch and PC this fall.

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