Attack On Titan 2 Review

Attack on Titan 2 is a sequel to Omega Force’s 2016 release of Attack on Titan: Wings Of Freedom with some added features and a large list of improvements that many would appreciate, the first game had it’s issues but it was ambitious and it laid the groundwork to an improved sequel, Just like the first game the sequel stays true to the anime and respects the source material.

Some of the trailers give you an indication that game is mainly based off the Attack on Titan season 2 anime but that’s certainly not the case. The majority of the game still covers season 1 while you get some season 2 content towards the end, so if you played the first game, you’ll replay some of the missions, boss fights and watch the cut scenes from the first game, in a way it felt like a well made remaster of the first game with season 2 content added in, so if you never played the first game then you’re pretty much covered with AOT2.

There are some key differences In AOT2 compared to the first game, you get to play the story through the perspective of your own created character and he/she will be referred to as our man in the story, you build relationships with fan favourites like Levi, Mikasa, Eren, Conny and many more from the anime but unfortunately your character is mainly living in the shadows of the main cast.

It doesn’t feel like your character has an impactful role when it comes to the story since your character doesn’t have a personality. Instead you’re given a choice on how to respond to other characters which is part of a new friendship system implemented in AOT2, you interact with the cast and pick the right way to respond to get a positive reaction, once you do that you’ll get points and once you max out your friendship bar, you’ll unlock further side stories. Omega force did a great job adapting the anime since it translates so well in video game form. The cut scenes look great and reliving the anime with a controller in your hand is always a joy for any fan.

Just like the first game AOT2 has some unique gameplay mechanics that allows you to sling across buildings and trees using your the omni-directional/three dimensional mobility gear, the combat is addictive with the aerial battles and there’s a strategy involved when it comes to fighting many different Titans, the control layout is pretty basic, you have an attack button, jump, you can lock on with your scope using R2 and you can boost speed while you’re in mid air. Boosting while locking on can increase damage, timing and precision plays an important part to while you’re planning your attack, you can also command the characters from the show by recruiting them and then use the d-pad whenever you’re in need, the commands are really handy especially when you fight an armoured or abnormal titan, they can help you cripple them while you deliver the final slash, some of them also have special abilities, some can heal you while you’re downed and others can save you if you’re about to die, armin can also give you an attack buff and a few others can help you capture a Titan. The game also adds an extra layer when it comes to strategy, you can build a variety of bases around the map for their own specific use while you’re on a mission, you build supply bases incase you wanna replenish you blades or gas, an automatic battery base will fire cannons to titans nearby and a manual battery base allows you to use the canons manually to take out a Titan.

The gameplay feels very fluid compared to the first game and it runs at 60fps on PS4 which makes the gameplay far more enjoyable. Even after 15 hours of playing you still get the same satisfaction when you slay a group of Titans. The game has RPG elements and you can also upgrade your weapons and your mobility gear. You can also buy weapons, materials and horses from the plaza. AOT2 also has online co-op and a competitive mode call Annihilation which puts 2 teams of 4 to compete and see who can kill the most titans, the team to score the most points wins. It’s a fun mode to play especially if you wanna test your skills.

The graphics look well polished compared to AOT: Wings of Freedom, the game is still cell shaded to suit the art-style of the anime but you can notice the extra detail put in. The character models looked great with superb animations and colours really pop with a clean presentation. The framerate makes a huge difference to the overall experience and it runs pretty well for the most part, you may notice a few hiccups when you see too much titans on screen but it’s nothing game breaking. The Nintendo switch version while docked looks pretty identical to the PS4 when it comes to the graphics but the PS4 has better draw distance, higher resolution and less texture pop ins, on portable mode you’ll notice a graphical downgrade but it still looks impressive enough for a handheld. The game also runs at 30fps on both handheld and dock mode.

Overall AOT2 was enjoyable with flashy combat, a great story that translates well through the anime and it has improvements that one can really appreciate, character creation was a neat feature added but it just needed a little more content based off season 2 of the anime. If you’re a fan of the anime then this game is a great place to start. It’s a quality game all round.

Flashy combat, a great story that translates well through the anime

If you’re a fan of the anime then this game is a great place to start. It’s a quality game all round.


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