Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

Dynasty Warriors is one of Omega Force’s longest running series with countless spinoffs, crossovers and we also have many major franchises like Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, Hyrule warriors, and Fist of the North Star using the same formula. When it comes to the Dynasty warriors games they never really stepped out of their comfort zone, the games were always fun with the hard hitting action but got stale after a certain amount of time so what makes Dynasty Warriors 9 different and standout above the rest?, well first off it’s open world packed full of missions and treasures so you’ll be playing it for hours.

The story has 5 kingdom-based arcs, they all have the same 13 chapters and the story will play out from the perspective of the character you choose. It took me 30 hours to beat the story and I played the majority of it with Cao Cao, I tried a few different characters to switch things up. You get characters with twin blades, axes, spheres, daggers, nunchucks and more, there’s a large variety when it comes to characters and weapons. DW9 only has a story mode which means you don’t get a multiplayer or co-op mode. The game also has English dub just like the previous games but you can switch it to Japanese or Chinese on the options menu.

The game still has the same flashy combat where you can pull off insane 1000 hit combos, aerial attacks and juggle your enemies, they also have a cool trigger system where you can stun, launch and do a special attack to your enemy, you also pull off the flow attacks to chain your combos and once you build up your gauge meter and you can end it with a Mosou Attack. You can also grapple hook your way into places which I find convenient and you also have an auto run feature while you’re riding a horse, there’s a few issues with that and your horse might be running into walls and other unnecessary places. Fast travel makes life a lot easier since the game’s open world design is a lot to take in. You unlock more fast travel points once you conquer certain areas on the map. There’s a lot to discover and it can take you weeks to cover the entire map.

You get the main missions that cover the story and there’s tons of side quests, you can also fish, hunt animals so you can cook meat at your base and gather materials to craft, weapons and other items. Most of the side quests felt repetitive where you’re mainly fighting someone else’s battle or giving a villager some medicine, You can’t switch up character on the menu, instead you’ll have to quit the game you’re playing and go to chapter select on the main menu, you can equip all the gear from one warrior to another and all the money you’ve earned can also be passed on as you switch characters.


The graphics may not be cutting edge or set the world on fire but some areas are always nice to look at. The graphics still look like a PS3 game in many ways but the open world design is what pushes the series to a new direction. The game does have it’s technical issues at times during intense moments, I witnessed a lot of slow downs with the frame-rate when I entered an area where there was fire, i also see the same texture pop ins like the previous dynasty warriors games. The character models still look great but environments still need a little polish.

I had a lot of fun playing Dynasty Warriors 9 and making it open world was definitely a step in the right direction, the combat is still satisfying and the character roster is still huge, it does a lot of things right but the side missions and the performance are some of the things holding the game back. If you’re a long time Dynasty Warriors fan you may still enjoy it.

A fun game with some improvements needed

If you’re a long time Dynasty Warriors fan you may still enjoy it.


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