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Attack On Titan 2: Hands On Preview

The first Attack on Titan game was enjoyable and it really stayed true to the source material, Omega Force done a tremendous job recreating all the key moments from the anime. I had a opportunity to have some early hands on for the sequel thanks to Koei Tecmo and It was everything I came to expect and more. AOT 2 offers the same mechanics with a few improvements along the way, the game still has the same adrenaline rush action and you can also command your squad during combat.

The story mode has some cool new features like creating your own customizable character, you can choose to create a male or female and it has tons of options for facial features and clothing. The previous game allowed you to play season 1 through the perspective of various characters but this time the game allows you to play with your own customized protagonist as the story progresses. It felt weird at first but I found it cool that I got to interact with some of my favourite characters and be part of the whole experience. They also have over 30 playable characters compared to the 10 from the first game. You can go on scout missions to gain XP, collect materials and upgrade your base. They also introduced a new friendship system that allows you to bond with characters from the anime to gain points, once you raise your friendship levels you can unlock more side stories. I didn’t get to try out the multiplayer features of the game but I will once I get to do an in-depth review.

The gameplay has improved over the original and the controls feel more responsive than ever and they also managed to achieved 60fps even on a base PS4 which I found surprising. I didn’t notice any slow downs even during intense moments. I’ve been told by koei that there will be PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements that will allow for a 4k mode. The Nintendo switch version will stay at 30fps.

The one thing that stood out for me were the visuals, as the first game looked great and I didn’t expect much changes coming in but I was definitely surprised. Although the game is cel shaded (to suit the art direction of the anime) they went the extra mile with the detail and animation. I saw nothing but quality and a clean presentation. The colours seem vibrant too compared to the previous game. The switch version looked impressive on portable mode too but I didn’t get to try it on dock mode for a true comparison. Attack on Titan 2 will be available on March 15th in Japan and March 20th in North America and Europe on PS4, xbox one, PC and the Nintendo Switch.


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